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First, try a bet is always "try the irrational." A "good" bettor knows very well its limitations, the temptation of the game will be dampened by the knowledge he gained on the game in general. Be dominated by this temptation exit ante what sports betting is already a source of morbid pathology.

While punters are very effective in making money through, given their experience, their knowledge in sports and especially in their lucidity of addiction, it is not the same for other bettors, especially beginners in sports paris, more emotionally fragile because they do not yet control their enthusiasm, their adrenaline.

Online Betting agree, but not in length. This is a crucial advice for your psychological balance and of course, therefore, that as in your life. Many households are found in the psychological and financial misery because of a non-ducted for a gambling passion.

Remember that gambling addiction in general affects 5% of the French players. In France there are more than 2 million players: bettors and poker players only. You have 100,000 French players affected by problem gambling.

Namely with legalized sports paris in France from May to June 2010, that number will certainly explode, especially with advertising poisoning rollers French game, namely the FAD and PUMP. Because a frenzied passion for gambling, you can lose everything, really everything, even worse, your life itself. If frequent suicides, not counting the thousands of ruins the game Rapid Games has created is amazing. This is the most addictive game of all time that has known.

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