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In 2008, the numbers of illegal pairs are overwhelming: there were more than 400 million € urns wagered illegally on the Roland Garr's, against several billion sites bookmakers.

Paris these are not reported or secured, the law therefore plans to expand the market in pairs revising their laws to fight the attraction may have the players for illegal betting.

For several years, the monopoly of pairs belongs to the games for sports paris, and PUMP for horse racing. A bill could be passed by 2010 to open the market to concurrent in order to combat the massive development of an unlawful offer of games and pairs online.

They do not respect certain principles of law in the game (prohibition of participation of minors, the fight against addiction, ethical Competition) and do not guarantee the security of transactions (risk of fraud or scam ). Start you casino gambling career at

This bill therefore seeks to open the concurrent bookmakers, who previously enjoyed a market reserved for them. This new legislation therefore plans to grant licenses of five operators, which will removes or not, depending on compliance with specifications established according to strict rules.

This specification is for example to implement a prevention program addictives behavior regularity of gaming operations, and security of financial transactions. Finally, the development of this specification will be entrusted to an independent group, ARIEL (Regulatory Authority of Online Games), responsible for monitoring each bookmaker.

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