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In the world of sports pairs, there are two supports for post paris: the physical medium, which is to go to a tobacco Register for your tickets, or virtual media such as the internet or mobile.

To better understand the intricacies of sports pairs, there is no need to do a little comparison of the two methods, as there are some non-negligible differences.

In this case, you are forced to move within a point of sale FAD to validate your tickets, such as coffee or tobacco shops, the same where you can make your grids Lotto, Euro Millions, Lotto or Sportsman.

FAD call this bet Sport and monopoly in France sports pairs made in a point of sale since 2001, with the creation of Sales and Match. Note that in other European countries such as the United Kingdom, other bookmakers such as William Hill and Ladbrokes also feature agencies where you can place your pairs.

In this case, you can place your pairs via internet or mobile phones, with the obligation to open an account with a bookmaker and of having supplied via a credit card or a bank transfer. The main difference of this method is that the market is open to competition, and many sites pairs online are allowed.

This is the ARIEL (Agency for Regulation of Online Games), which grants licenses, ensures compliance, and can be entered in case of disputes. The two methods are not strictly equivalent, and there are several differences that should be noted. To be as objective as possible we will compare with Pardons Web Sport bet is the online version of Bet Sport created by JEFF.

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