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In football, this type of game happens when the two teams play mainly focusing on defense with offensive intentions rather foibles is often the case with low-ranked teams who meet for their common idea is to draw not to leave eventually points to a direct competitor for relegation matches.

Lihue 2 and to a lesser extent those of league 1, end of season, generally also physiognomies. Outré this case can match is closed when the two teams play "scared to death" the same 2-ranked teams in the championship, are a series of defeats (at least 2 or 3), to reverse this trend, they are often tempted to block the game defense so as not to lose.

These are sports such as basketball, volleyball, handball, water polo .... It is not uncommon at the end, the cumulative score of the two teams more than 150 points for basketball, 140 points for volleyball, etc. If the teams are about the same level, the game is so tight. and the number of points or goals quickly becomes very large.

Bet on over then proves quite profitable in the long term, especially as the bookmakers tend poorly analyzed these sports and give very good odds fairly easy to particular pronostiqu Unbent often lets dimensions to 1.90 on over volleyball, pretty easy to find.

Bet on paris double luck (see explanation here) is wanting to make sure, because the odds are obviously less levees. Dependant can reap the benefits of this type of paris, with several strategies. That's the whole point of the bet luck double. On may want to ensure combining several double odds and get a better rating.

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