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While sports-betting is definitely taking a gamble, it tends to be a more of an educated gamble for people who know their sports. In fact, the more a person knows about the sport they are betting on, the more likely they are to win. Read the Latest Online Casino News, and make good use of the Sports Articles provided to help you hedge your bets too.

Ever since gambling went live online, there has always been a niche for this type of gambling too. There are many wagers to make, and in particular in the UK, bets are taken on favourite spectator sports. The biggest spectator sport is football, and the second biggest is horse racing, but cricket, rugby, the Olympics, Commonwealth games, any sporting event really is grist for the sports bettors mill. In fact the recent birth of the new little Prince George to Kate and William, receive all kinds of proposition bets.

Proposition bets are great fun to take. One of the most famous of these was a man who in 1960 walked into a William Hill bookmaking shop and bet man would “set foot” on the moon before the 1st of January 1970. His name was David Threlfall, the wager was for £10 and they odds offer by William Hill were a massive 1000 to 1.

Nevertheless, part of the crew of Apollo 11 (supposedly) landed on the moon, in July of 1969. Threfall went and claimed his prize of £10 000. Unfortunately, being the risk taker he was, he purchased a sports car with his winnings, and promptly crashed – killing himself. Obviously his “good luck” had run out. But we will say one thing, he was certainly patient, and he must have really looked after that ticket.

While reading Sports Articles, is not going to increase your chances of winning proposition bets, reading these can increase the probability of winning on a sport, in particular a sport that the punter is familiar with, and enjoys. It does not make any sense for a football fan who is mad about this game, to take a bet on Rugby Union. Taking a wager on a sport simply makes it more exciting for the fan when they are watching the game.

The Latest Online Casino News often includes sports betting news, as many of these online businesses offer   across the board services. We are clear on the fact that a knowledgeable punter is a lucky punter too. Can’t remember who said it, but a professional golfer once said “the more I practice, the luckier I get”. This applies to anything we pursue, and where our hard earned money is concerned when taking a bet, knowledge is key. Although if you are going to go for a prop bet, remember to just have some fun!

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