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 Video Poker Strategy For The New Millenium

As with most things in life, a good strategy is required in order to make the most out of your foreseeable success. When a solid strategy plan is put into effect, we often gain the desired results; not so much though, when we opt to play it by ear and generally wing our way through a situation. This lack of preparation will often be met by failure; and as most of us can relate to, failure can be a bitter pill to swallow.


The same philosophy as far as strategizing goes can be applied to the online casino industry; and in particular, playing video poker games at – after all, it is a game which offers some of the best odds in any virtual casino. Those who take a keen interest in online slot machine games will find the transition to video poker a smooth one, especially due to the fact that while you still retain the potential of hitting a big jackpot prize, with video poker the statistics show that you’re actually five times more likely to win it. Naturally, as video poker is not a game of chance, a solid gaming strategy will be required in order to take full advantage of those winning odds – and we’ll show you how.

The concept behind video poker is a simple one: Five cards are dealt to you. Depending on how you’re playing the game (online casino or digital video poker machine), you then select which cards you would like to keep by either tapping the cards on screen, or selecting them via the console. Once you have done this, hitting the ‘Draw’ button will issue you replacement cards for the ones you didn’t keep. A win will occur when you land up with a traditional poker hand, such as a straight, flush, pair, etc. The prize amount will depend on the paytable amount on the machine/game you’re playing.

The key to a good video poker round is to always play the ‘Max Bet’ option. If you can’t afford to play the maximum possible bet, then it would be advisable to move on to a machine which requires a lower denomination to play – the reasoning behind this is that the penalties involved for not playing a Max Bet option is greater than that in slots. Another aspect worth looking into before opting to play in a round of video poker, would be the game’s paytable – the higher, the better.

This ties in directly with the return that the machine/game is likely to give: during an average video poker game, each play will yield a profit of about 3% in favour of the casino (which is known as the house edge), with the remaining 97% is referred to as the return – the amount awarded to players who win a bet. Be sure to find the video poker games which offer the biggest possible paytable in order to maximize on your return. Each video poker game’s paytable will have a different strategy, so it’s essential to find a game which you enjoy playing, use our pointers as a basis, and learn the game’s strategy in-depth.