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 Independent Casinos will inflate bonus packages from big brands

The next five years could see player bonus packages boom thanks to independent casinos waging war against the big names over promotions. 2014 has already seen a big rise throughout January with the average welcome bonuses now worth over £150 to new casino members. It is thought that cluttered marketing is responsible for the surge in more valuable and rewarding sign up deals, as operators fight tooth and nail for a share of the games industry.

The big players, that’s the top 5 names in gambling will find themselves fighting small rebel factions this year in the form of independent gaming sites, smaller but more rewarding companies (they believe) that want to prove themselves in the big league. Newbie’s to the hobby will find the streets paved in gold whilst those already signed up can expect more loyalty from their online casino providers. Either way, it will be the smaller websites that inflate bonus packages from the big casinos. It’s called a bonus boom.


The boom was predicted by a think tank at that will now pursue the promotional calendar with a fine tooth comb. They believe that the seasons along with festivities and trending themes will account for the majority of the bonus surges. It will be certain times of the year in which promotions will spike with the top brands pushing their best assets, smaller casinos will have no option but to follow suit.


The result will see inflation for casino welcome packages that have remained dormant for years, sites that have sat on the fence for months will now have to respond to the crisis. For the industry it means digging deeper for even more rewards, for the player, it means the bonus flood gates are about to open.

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