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 Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (Movie Review)

The movie that all comic book fans have been waiting for finally makes it to the big screen. The result of make-believe fight between the two superheroes has been the cause of too many arguments ever since they appeared in comic books. The wait is finally over. The official opening date for the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie is 25 March 2016. This is definitely one of the most highly anticipated superhero movies of 2016.

The science fiction/ fantasy/adventure movie is directed by Zack Snyder. Batman vs Supermen movie is rated PG -13 due to the violence that is bound to come from a movie that pits the two superheroes against each other. This Warner Brothers Pictures film was written by Chris Terrio and David Goyer.

As can be expected from a movie of this magnitude the cast is obviously star studded. Henry Cavill returns to the big screen once again to play the character of Clark Kent/ Superman with actress Amy Adams playing Lois Lane. Ben Affleck is the billionaire superhero from Gotham City Batman and Jesse Eisenburg plays Lex Luther. Laurence Fishbourne and Diana Lane will be starring as Perry White and Martha Kent respectively.

The story is a continuation from the Man of Steel movie in which Superman destroys the city in his battle against General Zod. Batman having lost friends in the incident takes a personal mission to rid the world of Superman whom he views more as a threat than a hero. The two eventually join forces (since they are both good guys) and an epic partnership is formed.

This movie is set to be an introduction for the Justice League so expect to see several Justice League characters in the movie including wonder woman. You can check a similar review at online casino australia and real money, where The Dark Knight of Gotham City returns to confront the chillingly insane poker in the Dark Knight Rises progressive online pokie based on the 2012 superhero blockbuster film of the same name.

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